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Mio Ace Hardware

hardwareMio Ace Hardware has been part of Mio for over 30 years. It started out as a small mom and pop style hardware store. Since then, Mio Ace Hardware has expanding the core hardware store categories. Along with that, the store has grown several area including adding a Greenhouse, Sporting Goods and the Gift Shop. The Lanski's took over ownership of the store in May 2005. With a lot of hard work and dedication it has become a friendly and courteous atmosphere for customers to come when in need of something. Not only is their dedication noted by having the shelves stocked and organized, buty also having the ability to make sure that every customer is satisfied with stopping at Mio Ace Hardware for items in need.

Mio Ace Hardware

103 E. 8th St.

P.O. Box 970

Mio, MI. 48647

Randall Lanski mioace@m33access.com


H - 989-735-3661 - W - 989-826-3600  - F - 989-826-6757

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