September 2016

Ants and Friends Storytime and Picnic at the Harrisville branch of the Alcona County Library.  Call (989)-724-6796 for more information.

2 - 3
Garage Sale fundraiser from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at F-41, Barlow Rd. in the Village of Lincoln.  Sponsored by the Brownlee Lake Association.  Contact Ed Beulow 248-694-1910

3 - 4
Harmony Weekend Craft and Art Show with music on the hill and a concert in Harrisville.  Sponsored by the Harrisville Arts Council Contact (989) 724-7197 for details.

8 - 11
Alcona Arts Retreat with five different three-day workshops at Lost Lake Woods Club in Lincoln.  $225.00 with discounts available.  Lodging and food available at additional cost.  See for full details.  Contact Will St. John (989) 736-3000

Sunrise Gardening Club Annual Fall Plant Sale at the ARA Fanners Market in Lincoln.  Contact Becky Bean (989) 724-6569 for details.

10 - 11
10th Annual "Go Get Outdoors" program which is an opportunity for individuals to earn their Hunters Education and International Bow Education Program (IBEP) certificates.  This program offers both hands on and classroom safety on various hunting techniques.  Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Harrisville State Park.  Pre-Registration required.  Call 989-724-5126 to register.

Swiss Steak Dinner at. at Alcona Masonic Lodge, 316 E. Traverse Bay Rd., Lincoln. Contact Arthur Laatz at (989)-724-5802.

Artist-of-the-Month reception for Kathleen Davis from 2 to 5 p.m. at Dragonfly Art Gallery, Harrisville.  Call (989) 464-7306 for details.

Special monthly dinner at 5 pm.  RSVP by September 12.  Everyone welcome, sponsored by the Alcona County Commission on Aging 989-736-8879

23 - 24
Annual Garage Sale at the ARA site in Lincoln.  Sponsored by the Alcona Humane Society Annual (989) 736-7387 for details.

Black Bear Festival Contact Maxine Small 989-848-2958.

Spaghetti Dinner at. at Alcona Masonic Lodge, 316 E. Traverse Bay Rd., Lincoln. Contact Arthur Laatz at (989)-724-5802.