Dragonfly Art Gallery - Artists


BeloBelow is a list of our artists and the media in which they work.

  Patt Bacon  -  watercolor, mixed mediaan>
  Sisty Behmer  -  watercolor, pastels, pen & ink
  Rose Blaszak  -  watercolor, oil, acrylics, charcoal
  Christine Brackett  -  photography
  Kathryn Cubalo  -  pastels, watercolor, oil
  Ted Fines  -  photography
  Vivian Hepburn  -  acrylics, pencil
  Jan Herring  -  jewelry
  Karen Jonker  -  watercolor, pastels
  Michael & Mieko Kahn  -  ceramics
  Ann Krueger  -  pottery
  Kate LaJoie  -  watercolor, acrylics, mixed media
  Venita Larson  -  photography
  Peg Little  -  oil, acrylics, watercolor
  Michelle Marcouiller  -  photography
  Judy Pyne  -  watercolor
  Sharon Rimatzki  -  watercolor, acrylics
  Bob Schemanske  -  photography
  Anne Sonnenberg  -  jewelry, watercolor
  Judy St. John  -  water media, printmaking
  Jack Thompson  -  watercolor, calligraphy
  Art Guren -  Stained Glass
  Kathleen Davis - Markers
  Mary Freiberg - acrylics 



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