Dragonfly Art Gallery - Artists


Below is a list of our artists and the media in which they work.

  Christine Brackett  -  photography
  Kathryn Cubalo  -  pastels, watercolor, oil
  Michael & Mieko Kahn  -  ceramics
  Kate LaJoie  -  watercolor, acrylics, mixed media
  Peg Little  -  oil, acrylics, watercolor
  Judy Pyne  -  watercolor
 Judy St. John  -  water media, printmaking
 lynne Freitag - jewelry, soap
 Kelly Whitenburg - wire wrapped jewelry
 Isa Hastings - wood carving, jewelry
 Phran Ludington - collage
 Bill Kehoe - acrylic abstract impressionism
 Barb Piper, wood turned bowls
 Bob & Deb Stutts - wood cutting boards



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