Barton City, Michigan

barton city signBarton City is found tucked away in the very center of Alcona County. Its uniqueness derives from the way two townships come together to support this warm and friendly community.

Barton City’s claim to fame is the “The Biggest 4th In The North.” On Independence Day it has been known to have 10,000 people flood the streets to watch the famous parade in the morning and stay for the fabulous fireworks display at dusk. Barton City’s population consists of a lot of people who have been born and raised here, and a lot of people from down state, who have been attracted to this area for all it has to offer.

Generally, the migration begins with a ride to the “north” country, and purchasing hunting property. When the weekend trips to Barton City just aren’t enough to spend at “camp” and retirement is imminent, the relocation takes place. This is where everyone comes together to make Barton City what it is today. Jewell Lake is one of Barton City’s treasures, with its perfect little island nestled in the center. Good fishing, boating, and in the winter, snowmobiling.

Barton City is also proud of its groomed snowmobile trails, good turkey and deer hunting, and just plain gorgeous countryside.

A trip to this friendly little town will be a trip to remember.