Black River, Michigan

loonsBlack River was first settled by French trappers and fishermen in 1849. It later became the headquarters for the lumbering firm of Alger Smith and Company which, from 1876 to 1880 was considered the largest pine timber producer in the world. The company employed 600 men for the purpose of putting out rafting timber.

Today, Black River is mostly a residential and recreational area. The Black River empties into Lake Huron at this location, and Alcona Township maintains a very beautiful park and boat launch at this site.

Black River has a U.S. Post Office and St. Gabriel Catholic Church, which was established in 1894. Negwegon State Park is located very close to Black River. This park is the least used of all Michigan’s state parks. Negwegon offers a fine network of existing footpaths and trails along the Lake Huron shoreline and in the wooded interior.

With unlimited recreational activities, scenic beauty, serenity and a friendly way of life, Black River is fast becoming a very popular place to live once again.