Alcona County Fireworks

Attending Fourth of July Fireworks in the quaint city of Harrisville has been a popular family tradition for many decades. Fireworks came to Harrisville sometime in the early to mid 1970’s and for several years were shot off at the recreation area at the end of Lake Street. Richard Sella first helped discharge the fireworks with John Pridnia Jr. and a group of men in July of 1975. The group was dedicated and growing. However, there was a lull in funding and after a couple of years without a show, the Huron Shores Chamber of Commerce paid for the fireworks and moved their site to Harrisville Harbor. In 1983 funding was no longer available from the Chamber. That’s when Carol Sella of Richard’s Pharmacy thought of sending a few letters to ask local businesses and friends for their help. Alas, in 1984 Harrisville enjoyed fireworks once again and the tradition was born. The first display cost a little less than $1500 and 38 donations were made. Carol annually handled advertising and publicity for donations and all record keeping. The Sella’s tandem efforts were often joked about; Richard liked to say, “that was the only time in our marriage where she raised the money and I burned it up.”

The fireworks that are so dear to our hearts are now possible thanks to the 150+ donors that are both local and spread out throughout the USA. Each spring, almost 400 letters are sent to solicit funds. Without fail, our community shows their support by making this happen. Thank you for your contributions over the years!. If you would like to contribute at any time, please click on the DONATE link below or send your donation to:

Alcona County Chamber of Commerce
Attn: Fireworks Committee
PO Box 581
Harrisville, MI 48740

Harrisville Fourth of July Fireworks are always held at dusk at the Harbor on the first Saturday of July.