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Alcona County Michigan preserves and celebrates its rich history and great natural beauty with a wide variety of fairs, festivals and events every year.

The Alcona County Fair is just one of the major events that bring folks together.

Others include the Sunrise Food & Wine Festival and Harmony Week.

You can also visit the Towns & Villages section for events.  Each community in Alcona County is unique.  One town is in the heart of the forest, another is riverside and another is on the Great Lakes.  Each has an unique way of celebrating.

Harrisville State Park

Harrisville State Park The park has ongoing educational programs and activities throughout the summer. Contact the park at 989-724-5126 for schedule.

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Biggest Fourth in the North – Barton City

Biggest Fourth in the North - Barton City Barton City’s claim to fame is the “The Biggest 4th In The North.” On Independence Day it has been known to have 10,000 people flood the streets to watch the famous parade in the morning and stay for the fabulous fireworks...

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Alcona County Fair

Alcona County Fair

Alcona County Fair Go to the Alcona County Fair website to view the schedule for this event. alconacountyfair.com

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