Our Mission

Our Mission Statement



The Alcona County Chamber of Commerce is a business association striving to promote its members and the business community.


There is no greater message in the world of commerce than the one that encourages consumbers to spend locally and enrich the local economy by putting dollars back into the area in which residents live, work and play.


Businesses and professionals support partnerships for a robust community. Creating an environment in which business can prosper. Members working vigorously on committees of their choice. Members provide inspiration and guidance on emphasis for county leaders. Active partnership in driving the counties economic growth.

Why We Do What We Do

  • To improve infrastructure, promote community growth, and improve the business climate of Alcona County
  • To bring thousands of potential customers to Alcona County
  • To hold events which benefit your business and strengthen our community
  • To attract, keep, and promote local business
  • To make your community a better place to both live and work. Your business and family deserve nothing less

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